Takanini Auto Services offers a complete Vehicle Compliance service. Our entry certifiers are experts in assessing imported vehicles. We do compliance work for both car dealers and private importers.

Imported car drives away after completing vehicle compliance check

Compliance for Imported Vehicles

We have specialist staff that are focused on Compliance of imported American cars, including left hand drive vechles and muscle cars.

We also do Compliance for imported Japanese cars.

De Registered Vehicle compliance

Takanini Auto Services often perform compliance inspections on vehicles with lapsed registration and deregistered vehicles in compliance with

Takanini Auto Services loan car on site between bookings.

Modified Vehicle Compliance

Our compliance team can also help with performance tuned vehicles, re-powered vehicles, cars with lowered suspension, as well as 4 wheel drive vehicles with raised suspension.

LVV (Low Volume Vehicle) Certification.

We have a LVV Certifier on site most weeks.